Civil Engineering

VAJRA Faculty

Dr. Rao Y. Surampalli

Visiting Advanced Joint Research Adjunct (VAJRA)
Global Institute of Energy Environment and Sustainability, USA



Research Interests:

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • Recovery and reuse of resource and energy;
  • Solid and hazardous waste management;
  • Contaminated soil and groundwater remediation;
  • Occurrence, fate and removal of emerging contaminants;
  • Risk reduction of nanomaterials;
  • Water and wastewater treatment; and
  • Sustainable development and life cycle assessment.

  • Prof. Krishna R. Reddy

    Visiting Advanced Joint Research Adjunct (VAJRA)
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA



    Research Interests:

  • Geoenvironmental Engineering: Environmental remediation of soils, sediments, stormwater, and groundwater; Solid and hazardous waste management and landfill engineering; Engineering applications of waste/recycled materials
  • Sustainable & Resilient Engineering: Life cycle assessment, sustainability analytics, resiliency framework, and sustainable & resilient design, with special focus on sustainable and resilient: (a) civil infrastructure materials & systems, and (b) environmental pollution control and remediation technologies
  • Geotechnical Engineering: Soil mechanics and testing, site characterization, foundations, earth-retaining and earth structures, ground improvement, geomechanics, geotechnical earthquake engineering, and sustainable and resilient geo-systems