Civil Engineering

Head of the Department

Dr. Abhishek Rajput

Assistant Professor & Head


Room No. 616, POD 1D

Email: abhishekrajput [at] iiti.ac.in
Phone: 0731-660 3310
Mobile: +91 8475973984


Research Interests:

  • Behavior of concrete and metals under projectile impact and blast loading
  • Finite element modelling and simulations
  • Large deformations of concrete at low, medium and high strain rates
  • Structural crash-worthiness
  • Influence of corrosion on the mechanical properties of structural steel
  • Regular Faculty

    Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary



    403, Chromium Building, IIT Indore

    Email: schaudhary [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3256
    Mobile: +91 9414474375


    Research Interests:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainable Construction Practices
  • Composite Bridges
  • Novel Bricks and Blocks
  • Microstructure and Durability of Concrete
  • Advanced Characterisation Techniques

  • Dr. Neelima Satyam D



    418, Chromium Building, IIT Indore

    Email:  neelima.satyam [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3290
    Mobile : +91 9440480034


    Research Interests:

  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  • Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction Analysis
  • Liquefaction Hazard and Mitigation
  • Environmental Geotechnics
  • Landslide Research
  • Rock Mechanics and Underground Structures

  • Dr. Lalit Borana

    Associate Professor


    Room No 407, Pod 1D, IIT Indore

    Email: lalitborana [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3286
    Mobile :


    Research Interests:

  • Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
  • Geotechnical health monitoring,
  • Soil-Structure Interaction
  • Soft Soil and Creep
  • Ground Improvement Technics
  • Environmental Geotechnics

  • Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal



    Room 209, Pod 1A, IIT Indore

    Email:  mkgoyal [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3288
    Mobile :


    Research Interests:

  • Resilience of River Basins and Hydrological Modeling
  • Hydro-climatology and Statistical Downscaling
  • Irrigation Management and Crop Modeling Applications
  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning Models and Data Mining

  • Dr. Mohd. Farooq AZAM

    Assistant Professor


    Room No. 101, Pod 1C, IIT Indore

    Email: farooqazam [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3289
    Mobile: +91 84760 85786


    Research Interests:

  • Hydro-Meteorological monitoring
  • Glacier Mass and Dynamic studies
  • Energy Balance of Glacier and Snow Cover
  • Hydrological modelling of Himalayan Watersheds
  • Climate Change impacts on Himalayan Water Resources

  • Dr. Saikat Sarkar

    Assistant Professor


    Room No 101, Chromium Building, IIT Indore

    Email: saikat [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3309
    Mobile: +91 9078753308


    Research Interests:

  • Derivative-free formulation in mechanics
  • Multiple crack propagation and failure of structures
  • Metastructures
  • Inverse problems

  • Dr. Kaustav Bakshi

    Assistant Professor


    Room No 102, Pod 1C, IIT Indore

    Email: kaustav.bakshi [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3233


    Research Interests:

  • Static and dynamic studies on laminated composite shell roofs
  • First and progressive ply failure studies
  • Finite element method; Geometric nonlinearity
  • Hygrothermal analysis of laminated composites
  • Shear deformations in laminated composites
  • Nonlinear buckling analysis

  • Dr. Guru Prakash

    Assistant Professor


    Room No.

    Email: guruprakash [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3215


    Research Interests:

  • Stochastic degradation modeling using condition monitoring data
  • Bayesian reliability assessment
  • Damage detection and prognosis
  • Fatigue reliability

  • Dr. Gourab Sil

    Assistant Professor


    Room No. 405, POD 1D, Chromium Building.

    Email: gourabsil [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3360


    Research Interests:

  • Performance Based Geometric Design of Highways
  • Safety of Roadway Infrastructure
  • Effects of Highway Infrastructure on Driver Behavior
  • Applications of Statistical Analysis in Transportation Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering

  • Dr. Priyansh Singh

    Assistant Professor


    Room No. 311 POD 1D Chromium Building

    Email: priyansh [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3362


    Research Interests:

  • Pavement Materials Characterization and Modeling
  • Pavement Design, Construction and Evaluation
  • Pavement Recycling
  • Innovative Materials and Technologies in Pavement Engineering
  • Rheology
  • Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements

  • Dr. Ashootosh Mandpe

    Assistant Professor


    Room No. 316 POD 1D Chromium Building

    Email: as_mandpe [at] iiti.ac.in
    Mob.: +91-8275396405
    Phone: 0731-660 3257


    Research Interests:

  • Bio-valorization of solid wastes
  • Additive-aided-Thermophilic composting
  • Contaminants of Emerging Concern
  • Lifecycle Assessment
  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Mining

  • Dr. Priyank J. Sharma

    Assistant Professor


    Room No. 403, Pod-1C Vanadium Building

    Email: priyanksharma [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3382
    Mobile: +91-9898838823


    Research Interests:

  • Statistical Hydroclimatology
  • Climate Change Impact on Basin Hydrology
  • Streamflow Analysis and Modelling
  • Reservoir Operation and Management
  • Hydrologic Model Evaluation

  • Dr. Mayur Shirish Jain

    Assistant Professor


    Room No. 402 POD 1C Vanadium Building

    Email: mayur.jain [at] iiti.ac.in
    Phone: 0731-660 3384


    Research Interests:

  • Rapid Composting Techniques
  • Kinetic modelling of Bio-waste degradation
  • Circular economy in environmental engineering
  • Soil Revitalization via waste utilization
  • C&D Waste quantification and environmental risks
  • Techno-economic and sustainability assessment